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Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, all in person therapy has been suspended, however Teletherapy sessions are available.

Please contact me for more information of how we can structure therapy to keep your child progressing during these challenging times.



Connect offers a specialised service for families living with Autism Spectrum Disorders, focusing on the actual skills essential for successful social connection, as well as targeting the barriers to skill advancement. Connect provides a holistic approach to social skills development which is unique. 

Focusing on the assessment, training and advancement of social skills for tweens and teens (aged 7 to 16 years) on the spectrum, Connect provides private, individualised, assessment based social skill development and allows for individualised support for individuals and families. 

The barriers which impede social skill advancement are a vital piece of the puzzle and must be explored in conjunction with the development of skills if true change is to occur. Barriers to social skill advancement include

- Self esteem
- Anxiety Management 
- Emotional Management 
- Theory of Mind
- Self Management 
-Relaxation and Stress Management 

ASD Diagnosis Disclosure 

The disclosure of a diagnosis of ASD can be a very difficult time for some individuals and their families. Connect can assist both individuals and families through this by providing them with the language, tools and guidance needed in order for full comprehension to be achieved. .

Staff training / Group Training

If you feel that your staff could benefit from assistance in the area of social skills development, why not discuss your needs with us. Connect can tailor training programs to suit your staff needs. Full and half day training packages are available. 

Individual Session Structure 

By offering two session types i.e. individual one-to-one sessions for individuals on the spectrum, as well as parent sessions, Connect allows parents to choose an individualised approach to social skills development for their child and gives the parent the opportunity to gain personalised instruction in training and advancement of skills in both the home and community settings. 


As each client is an individual, Connect's service offering is completely flexible and is tailored to meet those individual needs. The client may wish to avail of only one- to one appointments with the child, or only parent consultancy sessions, or a mix of both, all options are available and the service is tailored to meet individual needs. 

Sessions typically occur monthly, with practical homework supplied to aid comprehension and practice in the wider community.


Geographical and time restrictions often minimise opportunities to avail of therapy. Advances in technology have meant that this no longer needs to be a consideration. You can now schedule a therapy appointment without leaving your home or office. Contact Laura to find out more about teletherapy and how it can provide the solution to your therapy needs. 

School Based Individualised Social Skills Consultancy

Schools are often eager to assist children in their social journey, but frequently feel at sea with the process. Connect can create an individualised plan for one or more students in the school setting, delivering support to the teachers with regular contact and frequent reassessment of goals and progress. 

General Autism Consultancy 

Whatever the issue, Laura's 21 years of experience ensures that there is always help at hand. Contact Connect to see how we can help with your child's journey. The issue does not need to be specific to the social or home setting, Laura has consulted with over 50 schools in the Munster area and is happy to facilitate intervention which forms a broad base for support. Contact Connect today to see how we can help.

Speaking Engagements

Laura has presented at numerous Autism seminars and is happy to tailor presentations to meet the needs and interests of your attendees. 

For more information on any of the Connect services, please do not hesitate to contact me.